Complete Advanced Skincare Course

The Complete Advance Skincare course from Facial Excellence is an all in one course covering all the topics that are available in our other courses.

Topics covered include, dermaplaning, facials and micro needling, as well as newer more specialised techniques such as WOW fusion.

In addition to the online theory training, the course package includes a practical day where you can fine tune your skills. Once completed you will also be provided with a Facial Excellence skincare kit that will allow you to complete up to 20 dermaplane sessions.

Advanced Skincare

Course Content:

Health and safety manual
Face anatomy and physiology modules including:
skin anatomy, structure and function, Muscles, skeletal system, blood, lymphatic system, nerves recap.
Skin conditions and complaints, skin types, fitzpatrick types, glugau wrinkle scale.
Hair anatomy and physiology module.
Facials module
Dermaplaning module
Chemical Peel module
Generic needling module
WOW  fusion module


hands on practical must be completed for each treatment to receive the following certificates:

Micro Needling including derma roller/stamps/automated devices
WOW Fusion

You will also be supplied with a Facial Excellence skincare kit and enough equipment to perform 20 dermaplane treatments.

Basic chemical peel kits and WOW fusion kits also available.

Chemical Peels